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Top Prices Paid for Gold Silver

We will purchase your gold, silver, and coins - and we pay the best prices around!  Dont get ripped off by a pawn shop, or a jeweler - get the best prices right away from!

What we will buy 

We will purchase any gold or silver jewelry, sterling silver including flatware (most others will not take flatware anymore) - and any coins - silver gold or rarities

How does it work?

We will send you a box with a prepaid label. You just include your items and return it to us     (by all means take a picture before you return the box) We will have for you an online estimate you can examine BEFORE you send in your box.  When you send it to us, we will verify the contents and the value of the items, and present you with a final payment sheet - again online and you can accept or reject it at that point.  If you accept, we will pay you via paypal or check, your choice. YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED - and you will NOT be disappointed by our open and straightforward methods of business.

What do we pay? We’ll tell You!

Most other folks wont tell you what you are going to get - and then you have to wait and hope they are not ripping you off!  We dont do that - we have our gold calculator right on the website and you can see what the estimate is of your payment.  Of course the exact payment depends on verification of the items, but you will have the original estimate provided online - AND the final payout detailed BEFORE you have to make your choice to accept or pass! Click HERE to get a quote Have coins? Click HERE to get a quote!